Remnants from Relationships I (a poem)

December 2, 2015

Remnants from Relationships I

We were friends once

Existing in a time when we meant the world to one another

Fighting for versus fighting with

Hoping to build a future rather than rewrite a past

Broken mirrors reflect our long forgotten honesty

Cracked lines venturing into spaces our hearts never could

Finger-stroked cheeks erase shadows left by dark clouds

A life marred by our being

Even when I forgot to remember how much I needed you, there you were

Ever present acceptance cradled and lulled me back to infancy

Strength swaddled by juvenile insecurity

Never once demanding to receive anything other than what you already had

Giving so much, demanding so little

A lifetime cannot undo our actions in a moment’s time

Careless yet determined aims

Breaths hollowed by years of silenced truth

Feelings deteriorated by memories of neglected bonds

Miscommunication, confusion, dysfunction became our daily language

Speaking recklessly, talking senselessly as days evolved into nights

Until the only thing remaining was a chasm spanning our disparate realities

But somewhere in the depths of my longing, your voice soothes my aching hurt

Because as much as I remember the remnants left behind by our collective goodbyes

Memory holds tight to the promise hoped for in our initial hello

Lest we not forget, we were friends once.

© Renita Bryant 2015


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