Mastering Your Mindset

This class is for anyone ready to step into entrepreneurship and create their ideal lifestyle. From the mental roadblocks of leaving comfort and familiarity behind to accepting and embracing failure, attendees will learn techniques and tactics to overcome the mental hurdles of entrepreneurship. Additional components include: aligning business goals with personal values, combatting crippling doubt and negative self-talk, learning how to expand their capacity, conducting a personal SWOT analysis, calculating their walkaway number, identifying the key things to consider and prioritize within the first 90 days of launch, assessing the competition, and forming strategic partnerships to grow.

Publish or Perish: The Step-by-Step Guide to Reader-centric Publishing™

Many yearn to share their story or idea with the world. They are ready to take the leap into authorship, but are unsure how. In this workshop, I provide innovative strategies that will position a book lightyears ahead of its competition. This workshop is designed for writers and aspiring authors who want to learn the basics of publishing, what to prioritize pre-and post-launch, ways to understand and engage the ideal reader, and tools to prepare for their new role as a published author.

The Cost of Connection

The fast pace and ‘always on’ reality of today’s world has produced more topical and somewhat superficial connections. However, to achieve personal and professional goals, people must connect with others in relevant and meaningful ways. In this talk, I present the three key strategies of Relating, Empathizing, and Adding Value to transform daily connections. We will challenge actions, thoughts, and current norms to equip ourselves with the tools needed to deepen our current interactions, expand our network, and create an environment that ultimately propels us toward our goals.